DubLi: About Founder Michael Hansen

DubLiDubLi founder and CEO Michael Hansen is a man of vast business experience. His vision for conquering the e-commerce world has led to the stunning benefits available. He has a great amount of experience both in the worlds of business and technology.

This makes Hansen the ideal person to run the next big e-commerce enterprise. Mr. Hansen’s leadership has already attracted many people to the company’s associate programs. This has effectively built the organization into a powerful force with positive momentum.

Mr. Hansen has had some impressive experiences during his life. Though young, he has held numerous leadership positions and acted as an innovator in several fields. Here are some of his accomplishments to date:

  • He showed an interest in business from a young age, running a chain of nightclubs. He is a born leader with a knack for running businesses.
  • He has a degree in mechanical engineering. His logical and technologically savvy mind is an asset to an organization such as DubLi.
  • He worked as a developer at the Danfoss Group. This involved innovating environmentally friendly and energy-efficient solutions for major industries.
  • He helped design and create the Space Lego product line. This series from Lego eventually created the popular Lego Star Wars collection.
  • His first foray into being an entrepreneur came in the mid-90s when he opened a successful Mexican restaurant chain. He eventually sold the franchise in order to pursue other activities.
  • He started a network marketing career in 1999, eventually reaching the highest positions in two network marketing companies dealing with telecommunications and finances.
  • He also founded a direct selling company focused on specialty wines from around the world.

DubLi: A Unique Vision

As you can see, Michael Hansen is one of a kind. His diverse range of business and creative experiences set him apart as an innovator. That is why taking advantage of these offers is such a good idea. These opportunities are backed by a creative and business savvy mind with fresh ideas.

It is Mr. Hansen’s unique vision that has created huge opportunities for success. When he first envisioned it in 2003, the reverse auction portal is suitable for the average consumer was an entirely new idea. While the reverse auction process is used in the handling of government contracts, it is a new idea for the consumer market.

Adhering to his well-deserved reputation as an innovator, DubLi’s Michael Hansen was one of the first people to grasp the moneymaking potential of the Internet. DubLi’s reverse auctions (among others) combine the versatility of network marketing with the freedom of the Internet. DubLi’s network marketing presents the chance for success and profit to anyone wise enough to get on board.